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Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

We are really happy to see you here, in this article we will talk about Slot Machine Bonus Rounds. To explain more we will mention slot machines, slot games, bonuses in slots, slot bonus rounds, free spins, jackpots and etc. To understand better we need to start off with slots. If you are here 99% you already know what slot games are.

The slots have been around since the first 1800 that’s a really long period of time. But we can’t compare the first slot games and the slot games of today’s modern world. Today slot games are becoming more and more popular and loved by everyone. We can say that this is because of the advancement of technology and the excitement that modern slot games can provide to the players.

Because the slot games are becoming more and more popular also the  payouts of the slot games are becoming bigger and bigger. For example we can give the jackpot pools. Every slot game has it’s RTP percentage. This is a return to player percentage. For example a game that 100 people will choose to play and the RTP percentage of this game is 98% this means if in total 100.000 EUR will be played 98.000 EUR will be returned to players.

However this money will not be returned only to one player, one player will win the highest amount but also other players will win good amounts from this money. That’s why modern slot games have jackpots and bonus rounds. We should never mix bonus rounds with jackpots. Jackpot are given to randomly chosen players and jackpots can be in few different levels. The most common used jackpot types are mini jackpot, midi jackpot and maxi jackpot. Mini jackpot being with the lowest amount, and maxi jackpot being the highest amount.

All the money that will be given from the jackpot will be the money that accumulates in the jackpot pool. Remember jackpots are given to randomly chosen players and you can always see what amount the jackpot is and the what was the amount of the last given jackpot.

Bonus Rounds in Slot Machine and Slot Games

Bonus Rounds in Slot Machine and Slot Games are commonly seen from slot players. This bonus rounds are also called free spins. There are many differences in the free spins that you can win while playing your favorite slot games. Every game has it’s own rules and terms also this is affecting the free spins of the slot game. Some slot games give free spins that are only for one or two spins (rounds) and they don’t give you big winning chances.

However some free spins of some slot games are hard to get. But when you hit that free spins this means is your lucky day. The free spinning rounds can be from 10 up to 50 and you can make a fortune because the winning chances for every spin here is about 90% higher than normal spin.

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