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The Enthusiasm and Passion

Life is a deep philosophy. There’s a purpose of survival for even the tiniest of the organism like a virus or a bacteria. Every life is contributing to living for the other; directly or indirectly. It is a cycle, which doesn’t need any distraction. The world should move on with …

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Take Your Time

Life is a beautiful experience for those who have achieved a lot in their lives. People who don’t have a dearth of goods that essentially lead their households have zero complaints. They have no tensions or worries to do regarding what are they going to eat or how they will …

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Try Your Lucky Charm

Life is short, thinking about it, we often get into impatience and our behaviour changes. We must realise that it is with all of us. The phenomena of uncertainty hover above all. No one is going to live here forever. So, planning too much or giving unnecessary thoughts to some …

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Owning A Casino

There would be hardly any being apart from saints, who would not want a big business. People look up to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos to establish an empire akin to Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and several others. To get to their dreams, they study, make plans, do observations, …

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Online Gambling

Today’s generation is quite enthusiastic. They are clear in their thoughts that what they want to become and how they’ll achieve the feat. This kind of empowerment can be attributed to the growing technology and usage of the Internet. It has made the life of the people lots simpler. You …

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The Slot Games

We prefer to pounce or prefer things that are in our slot. One of the biggest reasons is that they are easy to get and simple to foster. It is the human tendency to prioritize stuff which is within their reach. Same goes for the computer-generated games or high-resolution computer …

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